July 7, 2013

Fake arrests, sieges, asylums, executions

Illuminati theater: fake arrests, sieges, asylums, executions
Examples of illuminati puppet governments "persecuting" and "protecting" illuminati actors (updated).

Jailed: Madoff and Bradley Manning by US, Pussy Riot and Navalny by Russia, Pope's butler by Vatican, holocaust deniers by whoever.
Siege: Assange persecuted by UK and protected by Ecuador. 
Asylum: Snowden persecuted by US and protected by Russia.
Execution: actor impersonating Saddam Hussein by Iraq. 

1923: Arrest of Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after the Second World War, the man who Roosevelt, Daladier, Chamberlain, Churchill and Truman (alias his last Airforce commander Ritter von Greim) got their orders from.
Arrest of Hitler, same as Treaty of Versailles 1918: setting the stage to have him as "Der Fuehrer", no longer hidden but in plain sight.

Jul 2014. France: Ex-president Sarkozy arrested for dummies: parallel script to imminent Obama handcuffed on live TV

Nearly all major "news" stories reduced to actors only: from 911 airliners to Malaysia Boeings 777 and beyond:
wars, terror attacks, people trapped, jailings, arrests, sieges, funerals, deaths, births, elections, suspicious and normal accidents, virus, leaks ...

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