July 7, 2009

Jail scams, from pyramid scam world record holder Bernie Madoff to [_ _ _ _ E_]

Only totally brainwashed populace swallows the "financial scam world record holder" "Bernard MadOFF jailed" hoax, staged at the end of Illuminati End Times after "sentenced to a 150-year prison term", as the unstoppable Leader of the World "Health" Organization FUKuda tells us.

Time to reveal the ultimate "Illuminati jailed" HOAX of End Times, staged at the beginning of End Times, more precisely five years after the interrupt button was pressed, 11:11, 11/11, 1918, at Versailles, France.
His last name: [ _ _ _ _ E _ ].

For what "crime" was he jailed?
If you google Beer _ _ _ _, you will have imediately the name of the Illuminati who was "jailed" to "five years" to restart playing free man after an incubation of nine months.

Madoff,  _ _ _ _ E _ and illuminati jokes
As now illuminati jokes about how Madoff spends his time in "jail" are released almost on a daily basis (3), one more hint that will let anyone immediately solve the riddle, as long as that person is aware of what is the only PATH to the TRUTH in the End Times Information Highway.

[ _ _ _ _ E _ ] "jailed" in Beer _ _ _ _ act of illuminati theater was staged using the basic technique: "make illuminati appear as if they belong to different categories of opponents".
15 years later and at the same place where it was staged, the celebration of that act was packaged as illuminati joke, using the reversed format.
Again at the Beer _ _ _ _, in 1938,  [ _ _ _ _ E _ ] said: "... the ability to make different ... appear as if they belong to one ....".

(1) July 20, 2009: The latest joke : The New York Post using the headline "IN THUGS' SIGHTS - PONZI SCHEMER'S FELLOW NC INMATES TALK ABOUT 'SMACKING HIM AROUND' "reported" that "in prison, Madoff is tasked with light manual labor ... while the idea of beating up Madoff just for the notoriety of it has been discussed among the prison population, for the most part Madoff is a well-liked…even gets a lot of respect ... because he did not tell on anybody [who might have been involved in the fraud],”, quoting a "source".

Leader of the World "Health" Organization FUKuda  or Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION"
Treaty of Verailles a couple months before another peak of illuminati theater, BOTH acts setting the stage for [ _ _ _ _ E _ ]'s official rise to power. Search for 11/11 here:
"Sarajevo 28 June 1914 - First Bullet of End Times - Real Story revealed worldwide first, 95 years to the day"

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