July 7, 2009

Jail scams, from pyramid scam world record holder Bernie Madoff to [_ _ _ _ E_]

Only totally brainwashed populace swallows the "financial scam world record holder" "Bernard MadOFF jailed" hoax, staged at the end of Illuminati End Times after "sentenced to a 150-year prison term", as the unstoppable Leader of the World "Health" Organization FUKuda tells us.

Time to reveal the ultimate "Illuminati jailed" HOAX of End Times, staged at the beginning of End Times, more precisely five years after the interrupt button was pressed, 11:11, 11/11, 1918, at Versailles, France.
His last name: [ _ _ _ _ E _ ].

For what "crime" was he jailed?
If you google Beer _ _ _ _, you will have imediately the name of the Illuminati who was "jailed" to "five years" to restart playing free man after an incubation of nine months.

Madoff,  _ _ _ _ E _ and illuminati jokes
As now illuminati jokes about how Madoff spends his time in "jail" are released almost on a daily basis (3), one more hint that will let anyone immediately solve the riddle, as long as that person is aware of what is the only PATH to the TRUTH in the End Times Information Highway.

[ _ _ _ _ E _ ] "jailed" in Beer _ _ _ _ act of illuminati theater was staged using the basic technique: "make illuminati appear as if they belong to different categories of opponents".
15 years later and at the same place where it was staged, the celebration of that act was packaged as illuminati joke, using the reversed format.
Again at the Beer _ _ _ _, in 1938,  [ _ _ _ _ E _ ] said: "... the ability to make different ... appear as if they belong to one ....".

(1) July 20, 2009: The latest joke : The New York Post using the headline "IN THUGS' SIGHTS - PONZI SCHEMER'S FELLOW NC INMATES TALK ABOUT 'SMACKING HIM AROUND' "reported" that "in prison, Madoff is tasked with light manual labor ... while the idea of beating up Madoff just for the notoriety of it has been discussed among the prison population, for the most part Madoff is a well-liked…even gets a lot of respect ... because he did not tell on anybody [who might have been involved in the fraud],”, quoting a "source".

Leader of the World "Health" Organization FUKuda  or Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION"
Treaty of Verailles a couple months before another peak of illuminati theater, BOTH acts setting the stage for [ _ _ _ _ E _ ]'s official rise to power. Search for 11/11 here:
"Sarajevo 28 June 1914 - First Bullet of End Times - Real Story revealed worldwide first, 95 years to the day"

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June 22, 2009

Iran: NEDA innocent bystander murdered HOAX = CIA PSY-OP to discredit protesters

After reading this  you know why illuminati media in the last two days non stop repeats that "NEDA" WILL BE the face of protests...

"NEDA" "innocent bystander" "murdered" = CIA PSY-OP to discredit protesters EXPOSED worldwide first
Video (1) was staged to be later "exposed" as fake murder organized by "Mousavi supporters", with one of those CIA actors helping actress "NEDA" confessing to have sprayed red liquid on her face to simulate blood.

***ATTENTION *** - if you did not get the TITLE and you think that it means that "NEDA" "was" a CIA psy-op murdered by Ahmadinejad, then you did not get the basics. (2)
PSY-OP in Title means both
- psy-op actress playing "NEDA"
- psy-operation executed by CIA/Ahmadinejad

Footage "Coincidences"
Staging "Murder" of "NEDA" = staging "dead" "protester" "Tomlinson" at G7 London (3). Only the agenda served in each case is different: discredit protesters v terrorize protesters.
Reminder: the ultimate footage "coincidence" is the first WTC "impact" of "plane", not to be confused with second "impact" live, alias 9/11 MEDIA HOAX. (4)

False Heroes (added June 28)

And what does "Neda"'s false blood have to do with the REAL blood caused by the  First Bullet of End Times?

Answer: Sarajevo 28 June 1914. Another Real Story revealed worldwide first by one and the same. June 28, 2009, a few days after "Neda". (5)

(1) Videos
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1YLQxK-8Ek Neda Agha Soltan - Angel of Iran *WARNING VERY GRAPHIC*
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjBKHkoDgCM CNN: "Death Of Neda" Video Becomes Symbol Of Iranian Protests

(2) Undeniable Proof that order to rig elections in Iran was issued by the illuminati

(3) Why did neo-Goebbels produce video of "dead" "protester" "Ian Tomlinson"

(4) WTC: No Planes - the Core Lie

Added June 23: 12 hours after this was revealed by Prophet, dozens of timestamped posts to YouTube forced the illuminati to begin "breaking" these "news", beginning with ABC

Added June 28: http://illuminati-murders.blogspot.com/2009/06/sarajevo-28-june-1914-first-bullet-of.html

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March 12, 2009

Fake Pro-Israel: Right v Left, from USA to Jerusalem

From March 2009, as Netanyahu starts again playing prime-minister of Israel. Updated with recent examples, signaled by date:

"Nationalist" Netanyahu HEADLINES 
Created or suggested with PSY-ops diverting from reality in "black is white".
Same goes for this parallel theater served in the USA:

"Pro-Israel conservatives" v anti-Israel "liberals" theater
Agenda: Republicans support Israel, Netanyahu is a nationalist.
Served to feed human cattle, an audience reduced to beasts.

Reality: ALL illuminazi agents part of the agenda "destruction of Israel".
Since the 1975 coup Israel gov are all TRAITORS, nazi agents.
For example Ariel Sharon was murdered and replaced with an impostor deliberately casted to look like a pig, same as the actress casted as "Netanyahu's wife Sarah.

"Pro-Israel" illuminati theater: Two types, depending on the audience:
The more difficult it gets to feed everyone with the first type the more important the theater of the second type, which is a reduction of the first type.

1. USA supports Israel
Reality: since the illuminati murdered JFK: Robert F Kennedy was the last presidential candidate of the Democratic party who did indeed support Israel, George McGovern the last one to really support Israel's right to exist.
As for the republican party the number is reduced to one: Reagan.

2. Democratic party ("liberals, left") don't support Israel but that's not the case of the Republican party ("conservatives, right").
This theater is mirrored in Israel with actors such as Sharon and Netanyahu in the role of "conservatives, nationalists, hawks" and actors such as Rabin, Peres in the role of "liberals, peace seekers".

Israeli "conservatives" are nationalists theater: Examples
May 20, 2016 - Israel defence minister quits and blames Netanyahu of fanning extremism

"Pro-Israel conservative Trump", including also an act marketing "nationalist Netanyahu":
US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours - for dummies
Real acts and illuminati theater part of the agenda "Destruction of Israel":
How the perfect timing for a major act in the agenda "Evict Jews from the West Bank" was set.

West Bank: Evil settlers expell poor palestinians: Simulation mocked at end of the show
Jewish settlements - Treasonous Israel gov at work:
- expelled jews from Gaza in 2005.
- built a wall around the West Bank to formally break-up Israel and isolate the jewish settlements.
Examples from Aug 2015:
- jewish settlements in the West Bank razed to the ground 
- inauguration of massive "palestinian-only" high tech city Rawabi, housing 40,000. By Illuminati media in "black is white": "sponsored by Israel gov" becomes "palestinian project that Israel tried to delay".

Nothing but simulated reality: Gaza bombed other than for the camera is a HOAX.
The REAL Truman Show: 1.8 million on World's largest stage; audience not aware that it's a REALITY SHOW

From the arsenal of Suicide bomber Netanyahu:
Aug 2015 - FAKE blood: gays and palestinian baby burned alive by evil orthodox jews, settlers
FAKE attacks staged by Israeli gov, all nazi agents, to demonize jewish settlers, orthodox jews and arrest patriots while diverting from reality.