July 29, 2007

Introduction to Illuminati Theater - Typology

Illuminati Theater consists of actors on stage reciting their role in illuminati scripts.
Purpose of Illuminati Theater is to advance their agendas, one of which is obviously to maintain control over the sheep.

Classification depending on main stage or not:  "Parliament / other stages"

Applause after the daily representation of "Parliamentary democracy" on the stage of each EU "country" minimally reduced: one photo is enough, thanks to the EU theater
If the political system used to retain control over the sheep is "parliamentary democracy" - in recent decades the only system used in Western Europe and the United States - a first type for the classification of the Illuminati theater is: are the actors in the cast members of political parties or not.
In other words: is the stage directly linked to the Parliament or not.
To understand to what extent and intensity goes the theater directly connected to Parliament / Congress, just consider these basic facts:
1. On average more than half  of daily prime "news", on Television and Radio, are devoted to this type of theater;
2. Any participant in the television or radio talk shows "discussing"  issues directly or indirectly linked to politics, is an actor of this play, the fingers of one hand are enough to count the exceptions..
3. All articles in the "serious" press (quoted by TV channels) or not (tabloids), "commenting" on such issues, is written by an actor in the cast of this screenplay, the fingers of one hand are enough to count the exceptions.
4. The people previously mentioned as the extremely rare exceptions can't expose any of the core lies in plain sight.  To suddenly try to do it is pointless because there's no such thing as "live TV" (always at least 10 seconds time gap).

Classification in terms of frequency and duration
"Parliamentary democracy" using paper ballots and vote for every adult was, until recently, the most staged form of theater. It illustrates as well  the continuous frequency type. For example in England it has been on stage without interruption since 1928, with the introduction of universal vote (defined as over 21 years of age than or over 18 years of age now: only a detail).
Lottery drawings in TV illustrates a not continuous yet regular frequency [update: upscaled from once to twice a week].
Illustration of other frequencies, using only examples of the fraud related to the "conquest of space", particularly the ISS/Space Shutle swindling:
1. Season of great length, supposedly almost continuously, but in fact representations of almost regular rhythm, low frequency (less than once per month) and very short duration (less than a minute, in the "news" on television) to the general public: "astronauts" communicating from or solving problems at the" International Space Station ".
2. Irregular rhythm and lower frequency: Space Shuttle launches and landings.
3. Special representations,  only once: "death" of "astronauts" during launch of (the model of) Challenger shuttle in 1986; "death" of "astronauts" in the explosion of the Columbia shuttle on "landing", 2003.

Classification from the viewpoint of the first act

Two basic categories:
1. Staged from the first minute.
The first act may involve real people - for example Maddie McCann, actors (eg the "capture" and "trial" of "Saddam Hussein", where the actor used has a vague resemblance to the real Saddam), nobody ( "death" of the "astronauts" in the explosion of the "shuttle Columbia" in 2003) or a mixture of these types (eg the "passengers" of the 911 "planes", from Barbara Olson, a real person who had been previously killed, to almost all other "passengers", created on purpose to have the name on the cast).
2. Staging begins after the first act, which was a REAL event, i.e. which was not executed by the illuminati. The first act may involve real people or not.
Examples of real points of departure:
- Involving real people: murders carried out by OJ Simpson in 1994.
- No real people, only actors: the disaster on launch of the (model of) "shuttle Challenger" in 1986, which required to stage "7 dead astronauts".

Illuminati media: basically actors.

Non-actors in illuminati media: one of the very few exceptions:
Guido Knopp actually has a special place in the History of Illuminati End Times

Voting machines begun now replacing paper ballots. This causes only minor changes to how "Parliamentary democracy" is staged.

Maddie McCann act reduced to a minimum: before the girl was murdered, her parents already knew that some weeks later they would be given an audience by Benedict XVI.

Shuttle Challenger in 1986 versus shuttle Columbia in 2003 illustrating different types of theater:

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