June 29, 2007

Shuttle Challenger in 1986 versus shuttle Columbia in 2003 Typology of Illuminati Theatre

Shuttle Challenger in 1986 versus shuttle Columbia in 2003: Typology of Illuminati Theatre

Disaster of the (model of) Shuttle Challenger in 1986 and "disaster" of the "shuttle Columbia" in 2003 are two examples related to the fraud of the" International Space Station " ISS, illustrating the same category of theater, from the point of view of frequency and duration: both had a special representation only. 

Interestingly from the perspective of the classification depending on whether the first act is staged or not, shuttle Challenger in 1986 and shuttle Columbia in 2003 do not belong to the same base category:
- NASA had to stage the "death" of "astronauts" in 1986, due to a real first act, the explosion of the rocket after being launched. The goal of staging the "death of astronauts" act is obviously to cover up the fraud. Reminder: the "Space Shuttle" visible on launch attached to the rocket is only a model made of composites (reduced: plastic), with no "astronaut." In fact the interior is completely empty.
- In the case of Columbia in 2003 it was staged by NASA from the beginning, the goal of the screenplay was to sell the credibility of the fraud, by adding hazards to the hoax. Reminder: the Space Shuttle is only packaged as a special airplane, the public can't attend the landings because it's necessary to cover-up the noise of the jets.

More examples of using the ISS hoax to illustrate categories of theater in terms of frequency and duration:

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