April 8, 2017

USA bombs Assad: reality check; script

STOP clicking "USA bombing Assad" theater
Syria: the illuminati had already broken all records for the number of fake wars staged simultaneously in one and the same country long before the start of this act.
All part of a script where "billionaire Trump" plays suicide bomber.
In this case Assad's atrocities will be "exposed as false flag, it was a chemical attack by the rebels".

Contrast the "USA bombing Assad" theater with reality, Apr 7, 2017
Huge impact crater after RuAF airstrike on field near Ma`arrat Hurmah Idlib,

Al-Lataminah still heavily bombed, while clashes continue on Maardes and Helfaya fronts without any change.
Qalaat Al Mudiq on Twitter

Al-Balad, Daraa: Videographer films one airstrike, Another one hits right behind him, Turns around - Starts filming that

WW3, Syria, Daraa front, near Jerusalem: contrast reality with "US bombs Assad & Kim" illuminati theater.
The script that started with Assad gassing scores of children in yet another attack with chemical weapons included as one of its "consequences": unprecendented intensity  of russian bombings in the south, at the Daraa front.
This was meant not only to stop the rebel advances but also to demoralize the rebels: to leave no doubts about what Trump calling Assad a butcher really means.

Fake wars - start here: Palmyra "captured" by ISIS before "liberated" and UN aid convoy "bombed": U-turn technique
Fake wars and fake rebels in real wars by the illuminati: Palmyra fake capture by ISIS, real genocide, COMING "liberation"

As for the role of fake jew "Netanyahu" in Syria's fake wars, this treasonous illuminazi agent (same as everyone in every Israel gov since the 1975 coup) is a real veteran in this field:
Nothing but simulated reality: Gaza bombed other than for the camera is a HOAX.
The REAL Truman Show: 1.8 million on World's largest stage; audience not aware that it's a REALITY SHOW
Simulated Reality, the world as we know it: World's largest stage: audience not aware it's a SHOW

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