November 25, 2015

Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes

Russian jet goes down in flames behind mountain - HOAX: computer graphics video
Same as ALL videos of US, France and Russia warplanes destroying ISIS fuel trucks and oil facilities in Syria.
Exceptions: grain silos in rebel held areas marketed as ISIS refineries, trucks supplying oil to rebel held areas (Azaz) marketed as attacks to ISIS trucks exporting oil to Turkey.
"Rebels" hitting one of the "two russian rescue helicopters" was a staged act for the camera.

Agendas for dummies:
Illuminati Theater to:
1. Divert from leading role of Turkey government in the genocide of sunnis across the border in Iraq and iSyria
In this case by selling the hoax "NATO vs Putin". 
2. Sell the hoax "Russia vs ISIS", by suggesting "Turkey's revenge for Russia obliterating ISIS".
Reminder: illuminati previously passed truth in plain sight about ISIS oil being supplied to Assad and (what is relevant in this context) to Turkey.
3. Set the stage to let what's going on for years now in Syria and Iraq become official, under the banner of the "grand coalition".
Reminder of what's going on: russian and extended NATO alias "US led coalition" pilots bombing the rebels wtith splitter and barrel bombs, napalm and chlorine. 
4. Cover-up why illuminati ordered "Putin" to deploy anti-aerial missiles in Syria.
Supposedly as protection against Turkey/NATO in fact as part of the "Gog / Magog" script for the destruction of Israel, fulfilling the illuminati anti-Bible.

Related mockery with more illuminati theater, days later:
Non-stop theater while both Turkey and Russia in syrian skies bombing the real rebels: "Turkey Blocks Russian Ships At Black Sea Provoking Putin".
As for the parallel reverse script "Greece Scrambles Jets After 6 Turkish Fighters Violate Greek Airspace":
nazi agent Tsipras role in mocking the human cattle already had its climax months earlier, following the "EU austerity" referendum.

Mockery of illuminati theater alias of the audience, but this time with real blood:
4 days after the fake "Erdogan orders shooting of russian jet" script has "Erdogan orders murder of kurdish lawyer and Diyarbakir Bar Association Head Tahir Elçi, most prominent advocate of PKK".
Served as "murdered by the PKK" and documented with a video where the special ops who just murdered Tahir Elçi act as "engaged in a fight with the PKK terrorists, just meters from his body".

26 Nov 2015 - Two days after the hoax: S-400 Air Defense System (marketed as Best Air Defense Missile System Ever) now Controls Skies of Turkey and Syria.
Nazi agent "Netanyahu" and totally controlled israeli media: not a beep. 
video S-400 on Hmeymim airbase in Syria:

28 Nov 2015 - "Diyarbakir Bar Association Head Tahir Elçi and policeman killed by PKK attack in southeast Turkey"

30 Nov 2015 - "Turkey Blocks Russian Ships At Black Sea Provoking Putin"

Tsipras, Illuminati Agent acting as Greece's leader, also in the cast:
2 Dec 2015 - "Greece Scrambles Jets After 6 Turkish Fighters Violate Greek Airspace"

June 1, 2016 - Another episode of the same type of theater:
Russia threatens Turkey: Do not enter Syria, you won’t get out

Jul 2016 - Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed hours later: suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion

USA/Russia/Assad and ISIS vs real rebels.
Human cattle mocked by having ISIS drive brand new Toyotas, from Syria's Raqqa to Libya's Derna (until libyan patriots forced ISIS to escape to Sirte).
ISIS in Syria: except for the area bordering Turkey (its supply line), ISIS officially controls only desert or small irrigated areas surrounded by desert.
Poster writes;
New Toyota pickups delivered to ISIS how hard can it be to detect this convoy from the air? 
Another poster replies:
from the air? How hard can it be to just check VIN? Toyota knows where every their pickup was produced/sold and to whom.

Truth in plain sight to mock the human cattle is one of Illuminati religion's commandments
March 2014: John McCain "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country" = openly telling the TRUTH to the cattle.
April 26 2014: Kiev regime blocks water supply to Crimea. Fake Putin retaliation: offering billions in free gas to Kiev.

Gog and Magog script for the destruction of Israel changed by syrian freedom fighters

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